Improvement of Methods of Assessing the Investment Climate of the Regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Abstract: The article sets out the views of economists and the author's approach to the role of the socio-economic potential of the regions in the development of the country's economy and the investment climate in the regions. In addition to the traditional method of assessing the investment climate, the author presents a methodology for assessing the investment climate of the regions based on a generalized assessment, which is evaluated taking into account the specifics and characteristics of the regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The Impact of Coronavirus on the Economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Ways to Reduce It

Annotation: The article highlights the impact of the coronavirus on the economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan and ways to reduce it, as well as a number of positive developments during the coronavirus pandenome, including the first online courses in higher and secondary special education and performed a multi-factor forecast of gross domestic product using a system of equations.